FIRST Annual
 Knight OUT for our Knights Raffle
March 17th, 2018

This year the Athletic Boosters have made a MAJOR change to our biggest annual fund raiser.  This year after 31 years we are moving our annual Get-Away weekend Raffle to MICHIGAN!  


" A Knight Out For Our Knights Raffle"

 Tickets have sold out for the last 2 years:
Be sure to get yours early to reserve your chance to win!

Seats are limited you must have your own ticket to enter the event!
What is "A Knight Out for Our Knights Raffle"?

It is a time for supporters of Kenowa Hills Athletics to get out, relax, laugh, gamble and fund raise. 

This event is the Kenowa Hills Athletic Boosters' largest annual fundraiser and has been held in Montpelier, Ohio for the past 31 years.  This single fundraiser in the past has accounted for almost half of the money raised for our athletes!  The approximate money raised at Get-Away Weekend  over the past 31 years has been over Half of a MILLION dollars!

Our Athletes need us to continue to provide this support, please purchase a ticket and attend the event!  

Early Bird Special!
Buy your ticket before
 January 15, 2018
 and you will be entered into a drawing for a main event raffle ticket AND you will receive 1 entry into each of the 5 - Triple Threat Raffles
 a $25 value.
* You must be present to receive your triple threat chances *
·    Ticket Price: $135 
·    Limited to ONLY 300 Tickets
·    $23,000 in CASH Prizes
·    1 in 14 chance at a CASH prize
·    $10,000 FIRST Prize
How does a reverse raffle work?

In a reverse raffle, every ticket in the raffle pool is drawn and the Grand Prize winner of the raffle is the individual whose ticket number is the final ticket drawn from the pool. The Kenowa Hills Athletic Boosters have 300 tickets in the pool and give cash prizes for 22 different draws!

Second CHANCE drawings , all tickets drawn in the first 290 draws will be eligible for a second chance at the BIG Money.  We will DRAW ONE ticket before the top 10 are drawn. That person if present at the time of the drawing will receive one of the TOP TEN tickets! 

 At least a $400 winner with a 1/10 chance to win the $10,000!


Ticket Drawn:         Prize:
         1st                    $400
         25th                  $200
         50th                  $200
         75th                  $200
        100th                 $250
        125th                 $250
        150th                 $250
        175th                 $250
        200th                 $300
        225th                 $300
        250th                 $300
        275th                 $300
        291st:                $400
        292nd:               $500
        293rd:                $600
        294th:                $700
        295th:                $800
        296th:                $900
        297th:               $1000
        298th:               $2000
        299th:               $3000
        300th:         $10,000 

The 22 CASH prizes will exceed $23,000 in combined value!!!

1 in 14 chance at a CASH prize!


The Triple Threat Raffles are Saturday during the main event!

After Draw: 25, 50, 75, 100, 125

$5 per chance

 - 3 Winners from Each Raffle -

Winners Choice:

      - Prize Package

 - $250 CASH

            - Main Event Ticket